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Crochet Doll 2

Hello everyone, Happy new year 2014 ! this is my first post in the new year and I'm very happy to post for my first time in my blog my first free pattern, I just wanted to say that it's not easy to make and write a tutorial, that's why I want to thank everyone who shared his/her free amigurumi's pattern :) . I made a doll for a colleague of my cousin. So, you like my doll :)

You can upload the free pattern from here.

I used for this doll a crochet hook number 3.5mm and I used a pink yarn for the body and white color for the dress. I worked on spiral and I started from the bottom to the top I mean I started to work from the legs to the neck of the doll. The doll measure 32 cm.

P.S: all parts of head, neck, body and two legs are connected, so no need to cut the yarn for this, only the hands were worked separately. 


Chain: ch

Single crochet: sc

Two single crochet in the same stitch: scs

Single crochet in two stitches: dec

Stitches: sts

Round: R

Legs (make 2):

R1: 6 sc in the magic ring (6 sts ).

R2: 2 sc in the same sts (12 sts).

R3 R28: sc in the same sts (12 sts).


R1: After making the second leg join the 2 legs together with 5 chains and work in the remaining sts, sc in the same sts. In this step we made the first round for the body (34 sts ).

R2 R5: sc in the same sts (34 sts).

R6: dec, 16sc, dec, 14 sc (32 sts).

R7:  dec, 15 sc, dec, 1sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 3sc (28sts).

R8: dec, 3sc, dec, 3 sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 10sc, dec (23sts).

R9: sc in same sts (23sts).

R10 - R16: sc in the same sts (23 sts).

R17: dec, 3sc, dec,  3sc, dec, 3 sc, dec,  3 sc, dec (17sts)

R18: dec,  5sc, dec, 6sc, dec (14sts)

R19: dec with all sts (7sts).


R20 R21: sc in the same sts (7sts).


R22: scs in all sts (14sts)

R23: scs than sc, repeat for all sts (21sts)

R24: scs than 2 sc (28sts)

R25: scs, 3sc (35sts)

R26: scs, 4sc (42sts)

R27: scs, 5sc (49sts)

R28 - R36: sc in the same sts (49sts)

R37: dec, 5sts repeat for the entire round (42sts)

R38: dec, 4sts and just repeat that (35sts).

R39: dec, 3sts (28sts).

R40: dec, 2sts (21sts).

R41: dec, 1sc (14sts)

R42: dec all around the sts (7sts)

R43: work with dec to close the head. Before closing the head we start stuffing.

Hands (make 2):

R1: 5 sc in the magic ring (5 sts ).

R2: 2 sc in the same sts (10 sts).

R3 R23: sc in the same sts (10 sts).

Join the two hands to the body and sewing together.

Eyes (makes two):

With the white yarn:

R1: 5 sc in the magic ring (5 sts ).

R2: 2 sc in the same sts (10 sts).

With the brown yarn:

Make 5 sc in the magic ring and slip stitch. Leave yarn for sewing the brown eyes with the white.


I started making the dress from the bottom; I start with 38 chains with a white yarn and close the chain to make a circle.

R1- R14: make sc in the same sts (38 sts).

R15: dec, dec,  17sc, dec, dec, 16 sc (33sts).

R16: dec, dec, 15sc, dec, dec,  12 sc (31sts)

R17: dec, 14sc, dec, 13sc (29sts)

R18 R28: sc in each sts (29sts).

At this stage we start to make the sleeves of the dress,

Choose one side to start and repeat the same thing for the second side.

We start make 5chain and close the chain to make a circle, it’s the first step, than make sts in all the sts only in the first round, than continue to make sc in each sts. Repeat this operation 7 times.

Shoes: (make two)

With grey yarn make 6 chains and don’t make a magic ring we will work at this chain.

R1: make 2 sc in the 2nd chain, sc in the 3 sts, 4sc in the last chain, turn now and work in the other side, make sc in the 3 sts than 2 sc in the last chain (which was the first chain at the beginning), than slip stitch. (14sts)

R2 R4: Ch 1, sc in each sts (14sts).

R5: Ch 1, 5sc, dec, dec, 5sc (12sts).

R6 R7: Ch1, sc in the same sts (12sts).

Change yarn; with white yarn continue 7 rounds with making sc in each sts (12sts).

P.S: when change the white yarn, don’t use the front side, work form the sts at the back side only for the first round.


With an iron wires try to make two circles and make it as glasses, and cover it with a brown adhesive tape.

If you can, please send pictures of your finished doll !!!

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